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Munich 2.0


So back in Munchen. Which is a town started by monks (Monks=munch) and then made bigger by a guy named Henry who got the land fvrom Napolean in exchange for 35,000 troops. The land had nothing on it though so he  burnt his neighbors bridge down so he could collect taxes on people crossing HIS bridge with lots of salt from Salzburg. With the bottleneck it created a town was born….see I am learning (even if I just combined 3 different generations of history into that explanation).


I’m slowly on my way back to Amsterdam for my flight out on November 30th. Winding my way slowly back rather than my rookie break neck pace I maintained for the first month of travel. Only about 3 more stops till I’m back there but we’ll see where they are in the next couple of days.

Anyhow, alive and well although it is getting decidely brisk up in this. Hope LA is a balmy 22 degrees.

I can hope.

P.S. Lack of pictures due to the fact WordPress won’t kick out a low res file from the high res files I’m taking on my camera. Slideshow and free beer when I get home.


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