Blog Personal – 2006 New Years Resolutions

Personal – 2006 New Years Resolutions


Talked about fitness goals yesterday and shortly after I was going through my bookshelf and stumbled across my New Years Resolutions from 2006. Besides a good laugh it was interesting to see how many I have actually accomplished. List written verbatim as much as I’ll probably regret this (crossed out = completed):

Get a photo published in a magazine/paper
Learn to sing and play guitar
Get an apprenticeship at a studio… (become famous if possible)
Live in simplicity, get rid of excess
Maintain a B average
Deal more effectively with problems
Assemble a portfolio
Appreciate the small things
Get a summer job outside of the False Creek Community Center
Be more adventuresome and riskay
Watch less TV…no more Gilmour Girls fruitcake
Workout more (could I be more cliche)
Develop a tear sheet
Write in a journal daily
Create a song that is original
Have a business card to give people
Play hard and learn from your mistakes (Ultimate)
Get milk, eggs and tomatoes….oops wrong list
Preform to an audience with my own material (Comedy Club)
Learn Photoshop like the back of my hand (aka C4D)


    Conclusion, writing things down is a powerful exercise and… I had a brutal sense of humor in 2006.

    What do you want to accomplish ? Get some paper and a pen, write it down. Here I’ll do a couple;

    2011 Goals
    My penmanship still needs work - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

    What do you have to lose?

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