Blog Personal – 2010 Wrapup + Thank you!

Personal – 2010 Wrapup + Thank you!


So this is the last day of 2010 and what a year it has been. Since starting blogging (July 30th) to now (Dec 31st) I have blogged on 154 out of a possible 155 days (…not quite sure what happened on August 16th…) which amounts to a 99.35483871% success rate. Something I’d like to focus on for the New Year is celebrate my success’s, rather than focus on what I could make better.

Since this post is going the way of StatCan… over the course of the 5 months I’ve been posting I’ve amassed 208 images. Just to show you the sheer scale of content I’ve been pushed to create for this blog you can see it below…

Wrapup of 2010 and all the images I created.
A look back at the progression of images from a snap happy 2010 - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Putting together that contact sheet gave me a moment of holy-mackerel (…this is a family site) and what I’ve done here…you write once a day for 5 months and not try and take a small moment of gloryfull reflection. It’s stunning to me that I could have shot that much. But as one of my mentors once said;

“How do you eat an elephant Kurtis? …one bite at a time” – Carol Andrews

One bite at a time people, in short thank you all for your overwhelming support, the kick in the ass when I needed it and providing me an open forum upon which to share my experiences this past year.

Your faithful pixel pusher,



  1. Matt kwok says:

    Great blog kurtis! I didn’t even know you have a blog like this that’s updated regularly! Happy new year and i wish you a great 2011

  2. Kurtis says:

    Matt, glad you like it, 5 months went quickly for sure. Looks like you’re doing amazing with all those magazine spreads I see on your account. Good luck to you as well!

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