Blog Personal – 2012 Wrapup

Personal – 2012 Wrapup


So soon 2012 will be over, the world didn’t end (thank you to the scholars for misinterpreting the HELL out of that calender). I’ve turned these “wrapup” posts into a yearly thing and I’m glad I did and it’s really cool to see all the work I’ve done spread out on one digital page (see 2011 and 2010). Looking back on the previous years I’ve been a little remiss in posting in 2012, truthfully I burnt myself out. In the new year I’d like to maintain a healthy 2-3 posts a week vs. the everyday posting of 2010. As always, I appreciate all the feedback you send on my images and ramblings.


Can’t wait to see where 2013 takes me, and I take it – KS


Kurtis Stewart 2012 Wrapup

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