Blog Personal – A different kind of Valentines Day-te

Personal – A different kind of Valentines Day-te


This year’s Valentine’s day was different from the rest with my push to try and focus on the experience rather than the money spent (you can see that mental shift here, and also my experience at Christmas). After getting off an assisting job I sauntered over the Blarney Stone to shoot a couple games of eight ball. It was then I met Gary, whom after watching me play my 3rd solo game from a bar stool decided to show me the ropes of the much more complicated but exponentially more enjoyable game of 9 ball. Albeit a friendly game, it certainly didn’t hurt Gary’s chances that he’s been playing for roughly 40 years…

9 ball at the Blarney Stone Vancouver

9 ball is a little more like chess, more time on strategy. You can gamble and try and finish the game in one hail-mary-esqe shot, although this should only to be attempted by professionals with no pride on the table (of which, I was neither). Regardless, he was a great instructor and in no time I had “hooked” him (read as: put the ball in an exceptionally shitty spot on the table). After our 5th game my date had arrived and Gary had to pop off and visit some “friends” (…thank you Gary, ya sauve bastard). My date and I stuck around to play a little longer and maybe now I’ve got a budding pool partner myself!

Next on the agenda was the Lost and Found Cafe which was holding Dave Hamilton’s new show “My Walk to the Beer Store” (an artist after my own heart). The place was packed and was one of the first shows I’ve attended where I didn’t really want to leave. The music was great and it brought in a really interesting crowd for a Valentines Day Opening. It was more of a party than an uptight Art Gallery opening, had to have been there.

All in all a great night and I look forward to what next year has in store!

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