Blog Personal – Couch Shopping, thank you Simone Sando

Personal – Couch Shopping, thank you Simone Sando


Shopping is just about enough to drive me insane. I want to look at it online, make sure the specs fit and then go into a store and buy it. I’ll usually research a camera body/lens etc for about 6+ months weigh the pros and cons and test it out in the field before I make a purchase. Now, I moved into my new place thinking not having a couch wouldn’t be a problem, that’d get one in time.

R-o-o-k-i-e M-i-s-t-a-k-e.

A couch is apparently a key part of my entire living operation. Who knew ?

Now with shopping couches there’s almost too many variables to even think of and the fact is if you make the wrong choice you’re tied to that couch for a good 5-10+ years….no pressure.

This one has the arms I like, but this one has the cushions that feel right, but this one has the fabric that feels best... AHHHHH - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Ended up solving the whole situation by seeking the help of design extra-ordinaire Simone Sando. If you ever need help putting together a room. She will lock stock and two smoking barrels be the best decision you’ll ever make. She has steered me away from such terrible desicions as:

  1. A borderline fluorescent red couch…trust me, I thought it looked AMAZING
  2. A chair.5 that was like a cloud but essentially would have taken up my entire apartment. The show rooms make them look so small…I swear.

Now things are finally coming together so the place is starting to feel more and more like home. It’ll definitely take a couple months and additions of my work which I will be getting printed on canvas. Stoked to see the final product.

Thank you Simone, Without your help I’d be on a MEC sleeping mattress and and array of “levels” a la Kramer.

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