Blog Personal – Flipping Christmas on its Ass

Personal – Flipping Christmas on its Ass


It would be unfair of me to ask those questions in that Minimalism post about past presents and not pose them to myself. So, I decided to do something a little different for Christmas this year. Partly inspired by Metro Vancouver’s Holiday “Create Memories, Not Garbage” campaign…

Create Memories, not Garbage


…and also Mark Brand‘s article in the 2013 print edition of “Vancouver is Awesome” about all the good we can do here in Vancouver vs. sending money to Non-Profits overseas and lastly by The Minimalists talk I blogged about earlier….

I decided to not do presents this year.

Instead, on Christmas morning me and [name redacted by request] made up 50 turkey-stuffing-cranberry-mayo-sandwiches, picked up coffee from Tim Hortons and drove from Strathcona to Kits and back handing out a Christmas feast to those in need.

Christmas Sandwich Assembly Line

Probably one of my best Christmas’s yet, I don’t think I could ever justify doing presents again after this experience.


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