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I’m going to walk across Scotland with my Dad in April so… in a bout of temporary insanity/inspiration from the recent foggy weather I decided walking around Vancouver would be a good idea… now you’re probably thinking… yes, yes I walk around Vancouver too… well that dear reader is where you are wrong.

I started my walk in Railtown and then walked over both the Second Narrows and Lions Gate Bridge until I landed myself back where I started. According to Google Maps (after some digital kung fu trying to convince it that YES, yes in fact I’m going to be making this trip all on foot) this clocks out to approximately 25.1 km. The good news is that the path we’re taking in Scotland isn’t quite as lengthy and it’s broken up over a week. Regardless, a good dry run for packing around camera gear and testing out my galavanting shoes.

Now on to the images, if you’ve followed my work before you know I’m a PRETTY big fan of a shallow depth of field. This fog gave a really cool element of compressing the scene, you can see the results below…

kurtis stewart fog walk industrial building kurtis stewart fog walk soccer field kurtis stewart fog walk beach front kurtis stewart fog walk beach front kurtis stewart fog walk dock kurtis stewart fog walk container ship kurtis stewart fog walk industrial crane kurtis stewart fog walk industrial building

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