Blog Personal – Happy Thanksgiving

Personal – Happy Thanksgiving


I feel like I’m starting a lot of blog posts with that word. AND I LIKE IT.

**DISCLAIMER: The following post can be blamed on high levels of Tryptophan**

Moving on. It is as you all know Canadian Thanksgiving (you know, just in case I have some Amurican followers). So I thought I’d take this moment post to pontificate about what I’m thankful for…

Lines of sorts, brick styles - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Now I felt like that was misleading, I’m not thankful for bricks. I’m thankful a number of things bricks that are the foundation of who I am.


See what I did there.


TOOOO be more little more serious I’m thankful for:

  1. The fact that I’m healthy, give or take my last dosage of antibiotics tonight !
  2. My family, they’re pretty cool. Even when my Mom asks for the thousandth time when to single/double click, or my sister borrows something “that she wasn’t finished with yet…”
  3. My friends, I’m sorry I’ve been so busy of late. You’re always there when I need you, even if we’ve taken a long sabbactical due to crazy schedules. Thanks for being there to lean on/rant to/rant at. It means a lot
  4. My job with the Park Board, it’s a endless source of awesome. NFC represent.
  5. My contract position with Adam and Kev. Without you guys my shutter button would have gotten very dusty while ago, thanks for being constantly available willing resources.
  6. Bosses like Ed White, who decide that not only is a shoot a job for them, but also an opportunity to teach your assistant. Thank you for rocking.
  7. My bike, Monterey, you’re freaking amazing at squeezing grip out of fast corners I shouldn’t be able to take and slipping through the throngs of people downtown. Continue to be on the cusp of breaking down, I like the look you got going on.
  8. My height, I would not trade all the tea in China for losing one inch of vertical. Being tall is awesome, finding pants while tall is not. I’ll take the good with the bad.
  9. What the future may hold, a wise women once said “Everything happens for a reason”. No matter what path I take I’m know I’m learning a valuable lesson…even if it’s suffering through my mom not using the scroll wheel (check out Watching People using a computer, hilarious). Still not sure what the lesson is there, other than patience.
  10. Last but not least, I’m thankful for all of you that check out this blog. It’s awesome to see that what I’m putting out there is being passed around/ checked out. That’s the biggest compliment I could ask for, THANK YOU !

Deep breath, that was longer than usual (I like clicking the shutter button and writing three sentences better). Apparently if I need to write I need large amounts of turkey…wish I’d figured that out while I was at Langara.

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