Blog Personal – I’m back

Personal – I’m back


I realize I haven’t posted anything since March 25th which is almost two weeks ago now. I was actually scared to sign back in to WordPress and see where my stats had gone but was very surprised to find this:

Blog Stats
Not really down, but definitely not out - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Highlighted in …rust is the time I was away from writing blog posts. But in that time my stats didn’t really take the complete nosedive I thought they would from lack of current content. Since starting writing everyday back in August 2010 I’ve developed quite a library of content for people to browse though.

Small victories people!

I’ll be back at the blog now after my sabbatical. I’ve got a great job to share with you as well as some snapshots I took on a recent early morning jaunt.

Jaunt is back in, get used to it.

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