Blog Personal – Interviewed by Marion Luttenberger

Personal – Interviewed by Marion Luttenberger


Soooooooooooo I’m one step closer to my own PBS special as I was recently interviewed by Marion Luttenberger for her Vancouver “Who Knows” project.

Little bit about Marion and the project, she was a Graphic Designer in Austria until she got a little too slammed with work and decided to take a year off. Rather than go to the touristy spots in Vancouver she wanted to see a more local’s perspective of the city and from that “Who Knows” was born. Each person plans a small/medium trip to their favourite spots in the city that you wouldn’t find on a tourist’s map OR simply invites their home to chat about their unique stories. Each person then introduces her to the next person and etc etc.

After seeing my 45th church in Europe I can completely get behind this as a way to see a city, some of the most memorable moments while backpacking through Europe were the places my CouchSurfing hosts took me.

Anyhow, I ramble. You can see the full post about me here.

© Marion Luttenberger
Images from the “Who Knows” Interview © Marion Luttenberger
© Marion Luttenberger
Outtakes from the “Who Knows” shoot – © Marion Luttenberger

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