Blog Personal – My First Yoga Class

Personal – My First Yoga Class

Been going to the gym every two days for the last couple weeks now so I thought I’d mix it up and try some free trial classes at Creekside. Of what was available I decided on a Yoga class, that’s right, you’re reading that correctly.

I tried Yoga.

Now after going from playing Ultimate to Weight Training (yes, curling 25lbs is weight training!) to Yoga is quite the difference but I learned a lot in the two hours I had my body treated like a rubber band when in fact I’m a 6’4″ cinder block:

  1. You’re very aware of your body with Yoga, how far you should be pushing yourself, as apposed to Ultimate where I’ll throw myself on the ground if I’m remotely close to a disc and find out it hurts later
  2. You can do a lot with a little, with a few simple blocks and mats I had my quads/groin/back hurting more than any set of sprints/lifts I did
  3. It’s ok to relax, the instructor must have told me this a dozen times. I think I’ll take that mentality a little more serious after realizing how tense I was going into the class vs. leaving
  4. It’s ok to go slow, most of my workouts I’m in and out in 30 minutes. This class was two hours of S-L-O-W movements and stretching. Part of me wanted to go grab my iPod for some House. But once I got used to it, it was great to be able to concentrate on movement and really get the most out of the workout

I was definitely great to try something new and I hope I’ll try another class, perhaps something a little quicker and core based.

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