Blog Personal – New York City Day 1

Personal – New York City Day 1


Last time I went on a trip was my 3 months of backpacking in Europe (Germany, I miss you and your Käsekrainer!). Now I’m on to my next adventure, 2 months in New York City. I intend to take this time off to work on my portfolio and relax while living in this huge city.

So this is how my first day shook out; landed at 7am EST on the redeye, didn’t sleep a wink so figured exploring was a grand idea. Walked from Bushwick to the Brooklyn Bridge and found this cool little picnic area hiding underneath an on ramp to the bridge.


Found a bridge…! (Note; this was the Manhattan Bridge. Whoops!)


After my nice 4 mile jaunt (…it looked closer on Google Maps…) I figured my first meal should be some famous NY Pizza at Grimaldi’s. When I ordered a Root Beer and they gave me one called “Stewart’s” they had me at hello. The pizza was so good I ate the whole thing. Again, whoops.

kurtis_stewart_brooklyn_new_york_3 kurtis_stewart_brooklyn_new_york_4

Now THIS is the Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg is hiding behind it in the distance.


There’s a little seawall by the pier I decided to wander aboot and came across this amazing facility called Pier 2. Vancouver Planner’s take note of how epically awesome this “…five acres of basketball, handball, bocce and shuffleboard courts, over half an acre of play turf, fitness equipment, swing sets and picnic tables.” is. Anyhow I was invited to play handball with some cobra like coordinated people, learned a bit about the game and how my hand is basically a giant mis-aiming canoe paddle. Got the hang of the the whole ambi-dexterity thing by the end of it.










Handball helped me pass the time until Golden hour where I banged off this complete beauty. Book worthy? I think so!


The one thing that surprised my on my way home is how people just throw their trash out on the sidewalks for garbage day, no bins. Odd.



Anyhow that’s Day 1 in a nutshell. Tomorrow I’m going to be heading into Manhattan for the 9/11 memorial and a couple other places. Stay tuned!

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