Blog Personal – New York City Day 12

Personal – New York City Day 12


Today I went into downtown Manhattan to capture the climate march. I beat the crowd to 42st and was able to capture a couple images of the blockaded streets.


This is to give you a better idea of how many people filled up the streets and this was only one group of the over 400,000 people who attended the march.


Very peaceful and well organized.

kurtis_stewart_nyc_climate_march kurtis_stewart_nyc_climate_march kurtis_stewart_nyc_climate_march

Building along the route even took part.


People came from across America to attend.


After a while of being in a crowd like that it can get a little cramped so I grabbed a burger from Shake Shack (watch out In N Out Burger…) and headed over to Williamsburg to check out some Flea Markets.


This is the outdoor Williamsburg Flea, tons of cool vendors with and 50/50 mix of furniture and clothing. I might need a shipping container for my return trip home… I also checked out Artists and Fleas, another market close by.

kurtis_stewart_williamsburg_nyc kurtis_stewart_williamsburg_nyc kurtis_stewart_williamsburg_nyc

This is what you get in this district.


I still think fire escapes are cool additions to buildings, even if only to have access to rooftop parties (where I ended up both nights this weekend).


Commissioned graffiti outside a restaurant in Williamsburg. I’m jealous of people that do art without an undo option, very cool.

kurtis_stewart_williamsburg_nyc kurtis_stewart_williamsburg_nyc

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