Blog Personal – New York City Day 8

Personal – New York City Day 8


It’s offically been a week, I still have both kidneys and I have not taken a subway the wrong direction. Currently winning over here folks.

Today’s adventure started at my new home stop of Jefferson St. on the L Train.


I than made my way to the B+H Photo mothership store.




For those that don’t know this is like Santa’s workshop for Photographers. Literally walked in, stood there in the doorway until a sales associate asked if I was “okay”. I was speechless. I’m pretty sure they have more staff in that store than the entire schlock of BC camera stores combined. Crazy.


Just your average NYC parking lot, all about the density over here.


Next stop Central Park, which is HUGE by the way. I walked through it for an hour and only got a 1/3 of the way through (those of you who’ve walked with me can appreciate how far this is as I move at a pretty good clip).

kurtis_stewart_central_park_prospect_park kurtis_stewart_central_park_prospect_park kurtis_stewart_central_park_prospect_park kurtis_stewart_central_park_prospect_park

This would just make Gord Hauka jealous, couldn’t even fit them all in my frame!


Huge freaking lake in the middle of the city.


Finally found some frisbee to play in Prospect Park, didn’t bring my kit so jean shorts and sneakers it was… In my defence I mad two huge sky D’s and a hip high foot block on some unsuspecting schmo. Wednesday’s at 5pm and Sunday’s at 2pm you’ll find me here again.


Central Park and Prospect Park share the same divided roadway plan, lanes for people and bikes going both ways across two traditional car lanes. MUCH more spacious than the seawall.


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