Blog Personal – NYC – Bronx Museum and Bushwick

Personal – NYC – Bronx Museum and Bushwick


Headed out to the Bronx to wander the neighbourhood and check out the Bronx Museum.



The Bronx Museum, a building that’s absorbed another building.

Bronx Museum Bronx Museum

The exhibits were pretty minimal and I think I shot myself going to MoMA prior. Still it was interesting to see the images by Lisa Leone among the other exhibits below.

Bronx Museum

Slow day at the museum, literally just me and the security guard.

Bronx Museum Bronx Museum

This is their event space upstairs, this is what I get for taking a wrong turn. Whoops!

Bronx Museum

Now to wander around the Bronx.

Bronx Bronx Bronx Bronx

In the evening I went to a networking event at Colony Studios. Huge space, great staff.

Colony Studios Brooklyn Colony Studios Brooklyn

Afterwards we wandered over to the Northern Territory restaurant patio. It’s ALL about the rooftop/back alley patios in New York. As soon as you walk into any joint just keep trying doors until you get yelled at and you’re likely to kind a really cool spot.

Northern Territory Brooklyn

Kind of like this mini back bar patio at Ore Bar where we closed the night and met a Researcher for the Colbert Report. Apparently 100+ people work on that production, I had no idea the scale was that large.

Ore Bar Ore Bar

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