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Personal – Pride is Overrated


Getting measured again at the Gym, this time it was my squat one rep max.

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Started with 50kg + 40lb bar.

Thought that was pretty good so I thought I’d be done for the day. My trainer pushed me to try more weight and honestly I was a little nervous as the last couple lifts had been hard enough. Didn’t want to look like a fool in my own gym.

Pushed it to 80kg + 40lbs bar and crushed myself into the floor (don’t worry, trainer had setup the cage properly so that bar stopped before crushing me under it).

I then tried it again with 60kg + 40lb bar and pressed out two more squats.

Did I feel a little dumb after that second lift, yes. But I felt way better knowing that I tried and now I had boundaries that were set and goals I could now work towards (ideally like to be able to squat 278lbs). My pride almost stopped me from pushing myself, If I had stopped after the first set I would have been shorting myself 10 kilos and thats about 4 weeks of training to get up to that extra 10 kilos of weight. Now I can better spend that time improving.

“…nobody cares about your success as much as you do. Maybe your Mom. Maybe.” – Nathaniel Branden

I’m going to worry less about what other people think and focus on what I need to succeed.

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