Blog Personal – When did imagination start being “not enough” ?

Personal – When did imagination start being “not enough” ?


I’m back.

Thanks for those who stuck through the latest series. It was nice to have a bit of a break from blogging for a bit but I definitely miss clacking away on the keyboard sharing my thoughts on the days/week’s happenings.

I was cleaning up at Creekside today and came across this stove…

Kids Stove
It was scrumptious - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

…and in one whirling moment it hit me;

When did imagination start being “not enough” ?

I remember when all I needed for a day was a sandbox…A SANDBOX people. Oh and some Cheez Whiz on celery, or peanut butter and raisins…I digress.

I remember when the crawlspace was the office for my highly successful detective agency which my sister ran while I was at Kindegarten.

I remember just 10 LEGO pieces that could be anything, ANYTHING.

I miss that.

Need to work on exercising my imagination muscle as it seems now I try to over complicate things, app this, download that etc etc. What if what I have right now is all I need to have the most fun I can imagine. What if I just took a pen and pencil and created my own little world one afternoon? What do I have to lose? What do YOU have to lose?

After writing this, I’m dam near tempted to get some Hot Wheels and Race them along the linoleum.

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