Blog Professional Development – Presentation by Chris Buck

Professional Development – Presentation by Chris Buck


I recently attended a presentation by Chris Buck at Vancouver Photo Workshops. He’s shot a boatload of celebrities and had some interesting ways of prepping for shoots, like watching all their previous interviews (god bless YouTube). When dealing with big names like William Shatner he said “…I’m more afraid of Esquire [company who hired him] than Shatner” and also “…I’m making a photo for the other 6 billion people”which is I think a great way to look at things. At the end of the day he really doesn’t “care” what the subject thinks, he’s there to get the shot.

Chris Buck Presentation at Vancouver Photo Workshops

When providing image selects to clients he said “…they will print the worst image you give them” something to keep in mind when you’re doing your selects. It’s also always great to hear that world class photographers like Chris didn’t ride an escalator to the top, it was more of an emotional roller coaster with many ups and downs. Apparently the only two people that have approached him and said that they like his work are Andy Dick and David Fincher. He closed up the presentation with some questions, as he’s been in the industry for umpteen years someone asked “What keeps you motivated?” to which he replied “Total lack of satisfaction”. Chris Buck, amazing.

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