Blog Professional Development – Presentation by Steve McCurry

Professional Development – Presentation by Steve McCurry


I attended a presentation by Steve McCurry at Langara College. You probably know Steve by his most famous picture “The Afghan Girl” that was on the cover of National Geographic. Like any talk I attend I brought my trusty notebook to jot down some ideas to take away. It was one of the first talks I’ve attended where there was such a large body of work shown, Steve has been shooting as long as I’ve been alive and then some. Over that time he’s accumulated a gigantic library of images to show and I’m sure we went through at least half of it! At the end of the talk when I asked Steve to sign my notebook he was surprised I actually took notes during his talk and cheekily gave me an A+

Steve McCurry Presentation Notes

Yes, yes, that is my shorthand and it all makes sense to me.

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