Blog Professional Development – Retouching with Kristina Sherk

Professional Development – Retouching with Kristina Sherk

Alright, I recently attended a presentation by Kristina Sherk for Photoshelter. A couple points I wrote down from this webinar are:

  • Started working for John Harrington in Washington DC
  • Use Color Range to create an action selection that can work across a large batch of images
  • Go 70% of the way with an effect and then stop (no one has white teeth/iris’s, nobody)
  • The best way to get a client for life is to hire a good retoucher

It’s always interesting to watch someone doing a task you do on a regular basis and see the different ways that they approach it. This should definitely speed up my workflow and allow me to spend more time creating images vs. retouching them! You can see a replay of the video here.

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