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RIP shoes

They lasted a long time now, one of their notable acheivements include carrying me to passing the Student Challenge in 2005, being the bane of my sisters shoe fashionista existence (right now she is probably rejoicing that these have bit the dust).

Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace

In the end they were coming apart at the edges cutting up my feet and being an overall pain. They were replaced today by these shoes. Adidas…sorry Callan and Phoebe the 125 Euro Nikes didn’t seem all that practical.

New kicks...I still look like a Canadian traveller...dam
New kicks...I still look like a Canadian traveller...dam

I also went shopping for some warmer clothes for this decidely brisk change in weather here in Berlin. The place was called Humana, its the biggest thrift store in Europe I’m told.

Humana, three floors of cable knit sexy
Humana, three floors of cable knit sexy

Now I’m up a comfy sweater and a sweet scarf. Figuring out how to tetris all this stuff into my bag for Spain and Greece I will leave for another day.

Oh yes, Canadians be warned. Nobody knows what a toque is…its a “winter hat” if you ever go shopping for one. I am still looking for one of decent quality.


  1. Kurtis says:

    Ah, I was told it was a “winter hat”. That beanie I grabbed in Switzerland, it seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the days go by.

  2. Jason says:

    Awesome blog so far dude – It’s nice to see that you’re getting out there and really experiencing as much as you can rather than ‘wasting’ all your time trying to keep everyone up to speed. ‘Beanie’, lol. Is Canada the only country that calls a toque a toque??

    PS – I’m completely jealous so far! 😛

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