Blog Snapshot – Railing

Snapshot – Railing

It’s interesting posting what I shoot as a continuous story. Looking back on the shots I’ve taken I’m starting to notice I’m happier when something is shot waist level or below.


Well if you had to ask that question to me on the spot while I’m writing a blog post while I want to go to sleep I would tell you…

It’s interesting-er to me.

  1. I see the world everyday at 6’4″… give or take a couple inches for my ego. If I take a shot from that height I’ve probably seen that angle before…BORING
  2. I’m in love with shallow DOF so the higher I am shooting things it tends to lost that dramatic bokeh I love in my images while I’m around shooting with my G10.
Sometimes the most interesting angle is from your shoes - © Kurtis Stewart 2010

Happy Saturday everyone !

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