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Architecture – Creekside Community Recreation Center, Multi Purpose 4 + 5

...Alright, I've been staring at this screen wondering how to start this post.

Ah, hem.

Today we have another image in the series from Creekside. Multipurpose 4 + 5 is on the second floor and offers a great view of False Creek. Need a smaller space ? Staff can slide out a wall and cut down the space to create a more intimate environment.


That is what happens when you write a blog post RIGHT after you get home from work and are used to giving "the SPIEL". That being said, great space with an amazing view.

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Architecture – Creekside Community Recreation Center Exterior

I wanted this blog to be about experimentation, about freedom of writing but after reading this past weeks posts I feel like I've gotten lazy. I'm sorry, I feel like I've been shorting you content and doing posts as an after thought about stuff that isn't really what I focus on. I admit internet, not my best work.

That being said I haven't been sitting here complacently.

1) I have now hooked up Google Analytics to my site and was absolutely floored by the number of people that are viewing the content here on the blog. Thank you thank you thank you! The biggest compliment I can recieve is seeing people are actually popping onto this site. I will admit I'm checking my analytics more often than Facebook this weekend
2) I have signed up for Twitter...and set it so when I post here on the blog it will update on Twitter. Still figuring out the whoe Tweet speak/140 character restriction but it's 2010 and time to step my game up (Marcus...PSP...anyone?). You can follow me by clicking here
3) I have a whole ton of sweet apps for remembering sweet blog post/shooting ideas

As a promise to you, dedicated reader, I will be establishing a posting schedule so you're not left with fluff for the whole week. There's just so much to write about I tend to lose focus that this is ABOUT IMAGES.

Without further ado, sweet content from a recent shoot at Creekside.

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