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Assisting – Architectural Lighting Example

So if you've been following this blog for the last little bit you'll know I spend most of my assisting time working with Ed White. One thing I haven't touched on too heavily is the actual process we go through when lighting a room. Most Architect's do not design rooms with photographers in mind, some rooms we walk into the lighting is perfect...some rooms you walk into and you wantto cross off the floor plan to walk right back out of.

One tool that we use are "cans". Cans are basically a household lighting fixture with a clamp on one end, you can use them as bare bulb or attach a reflector as seen in the image below. Kick them up high on a light stand and they mimic the warm glow from a pot light, you can see the difference in feel they give the shot below. More often than not, we try and hide them behind pillars to make the post-production easier, sometimes we have to leave them straight out in the middle of the room and piece together two shots.

So if the next time you look at a shot and wonder how they achieve that look or lighting magic, think of the almighty can and its disappearing act.

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