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Personal – New Shoes! or #freshkicks?

Yes that’s right internet, I now think in tweets and hashtags. Still trying to sort out the whole Twitter-verse.


I’m 6’4″ so that comes with the unfortunate… blessing of having feet large enough to ensure my gigantic head does not tip me straight onto my keister. If I may digress for a moment the shoe shopping experience involves the following steps:

  1. Procrastinating shopping because I’m a guy
  2. Getting to the store and asking one of the staff what do you have in a Size 13/14 ?
  3. The sales associate coming back with two options from their entire stock room…
  4. Me dejectedly choosing the lesser of the two evils

SO in an effort to break that cycle, I brought along my shopping-lucky-charm (yes folks, they do exist and if you haven’t found yours GET ON IT) my sister.

IF I go out to a store and look for my size, they’re out/ don’t carry it / doesn’t exist (ask two of my classmates who literally tore up Robson St. and the better part of Pacific Center trying to find me a pair of jeans, no hard feelings Naz and Gabrielle).

IF i take my sister she will walk into a store and MAGICALLY they will have something in my size that fits (these two options do not automatically come hand in hand).

So yesterday we strolled into Champs and a half hour later and only 6 shoe try ons I had a solid set of new “erry day shoes” as my sister called them. Sweet.

My new shoes
My new "erry day kicks" - © Kurtis Stewart 2010

Wondering if anyone will find this? Message me if you do !

Snapshot – La Taqueria, Pinche Taco Shop

Went frame shopping with Jason Ryant for a new installation that he is working on. You might remember I did a post about his previous work earlier this monthhere.

It was really refreshing stepping away from my own projects/work/life and work on something completely different. The more time we spent looking at options for frames, backboard, chop cords etc the more I realized that I need to get some of my work printed. A majority of the images I shoot end up going straight onto my hard-drive never to be seen again. Thinking itsa time to start printing.

We wrapped up the day with some great food at La Taqueria, Pinche Taco Shop. It's just a block West of Victory Square on Hastings, well worth a look.

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