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Assisting – Adam and Kev

Alright so I’ve been writing for a while now and somehow I have missed mentioning Adam and Kev. They are an amazing Photography pair that I contract for every once in a while and more often than not. I wear a whole bunch of hats for them including first assistant, retoucher, digital tech but most frequently caucasian C-stand. If you don’t have a decent headshot talk to these guys, they will set. you. up.

Little bit of backstory, I met Kev in early 2009 while I was on practicum with Bryan Ward (Warning: Adult Content) as Kev was Bryan’s old assistant. Later on that year Adam and Kev hosted an Assisting Workshop for my class at Studio 304 (reasonable rates, great location) where we exchanged handshakes and the like. Later that year, before I went traveling through Europe they asked to meet with me to talk about a potential contract position with them. I was ticked I had this whole Europe trip and this AWESOME opportunity came up. Luckily they were considering starting it in January, joy! When I got back from Europe they had me come in and see their retouching process and now send their clients files to me through and FTP server and I have them back within 5 business days. Perfect work for me as it fits my schedule as I can retouch at 3pm or 3am, you can’t pay for that kind of job flexibility. When a big shoot comes up, like when they shut down Holt Renfrew till 1am in the morning to do an album cover for Aliqua they give me a shout and have me come and assist. Possibly the best working relationship to date.

Working with Adam and Kev over the last couple months has been great and when I walk into the studio I know I’m going to have a good laugh, even if it’s at my expense. Thanks boys and here’s to the future !

The front page of Adam and Kev's website
The front page of Adam and Kev's website, well worth taking a look through their portfolio. Warning clicking on the image will lead you to their awesome content - © Kurtis Stewart 2010

Snapshot – La Taqueria, Pinche Taco Shop

Went frame shopping with Jason Ryant for a new installation that he is working on. You might remember I did a post about his previous work earlier this monthhere.

It was really refreshing stepping away from my own projects/work/life and work on something completely different. The more time we spent looking at options for frames, backboard, chop cords etc the more I realized that I need to get some of my work printed. A majority of the images I shoot end up going straight onto my hard-drive never to be seen again. Thinking itsa time to start printing.

We wrapped up the day with some great food at La Taqueria, Pinche Taco Shop. It's just a block West of Victory Square on Hastings, well worth a look.

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Snapshot – SFU Bike Racks

Bike racks fascinate me (judge away). Since I've been biking around Vancouver all summer, something I highly recommend. I feel that a lot of bike racks try to cram in as many bikes as physically possible in a space that doesn't want half the expected amount in there. Bikes are not perfect Tetris pieces. Some have skinny handle bars some have HUGE shocks. I'd be curious to see what kind of bikes most designers had in mind for the triangle special that seems to be everywhere in this city.

Then a moment of inspiration must have hit the person at Woodwards (or perhaps they actually bike places...).

These bike racks allow for one or two bikes to fit comfortably. No hassle, simple.

As I'm writing this I realize that I try and do the same thing as those ill thought out bike racks. I take one hour of my day and THINK that I can re-design my website, write a blog post, find a new invoicing program, apply to a stock agency, answer all my emails and make lunch. Nattagonnahappen.

Conclusion, I need to shorten up my to-do lists and know what I can achieve realistically each minute, hour and day. How many spaces does your bike rack have ?

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