Blog Teaching – 10 Week Courses for Langara @ VSB

kurtis stewart photography class promotion

Teaching – 10 Week Courses for Langara @ VSB


I’m Teaching a couple (10 Week) Photography Classes for Langara College @ VSB locations;


Wednesdays April 1st 6:30-9:30pm @ Lord Byng


Tuesdays April 7th 6:30-9:30pm @ Lord Byng

Thursdays April 2nd 6:30-9:30pm @ John Oliver

kurtis stewart photography class promotion


Bring your camera & manual to learn the basics of camera handling and exposure settings. Study composition techniques, quality of light, plus use of flash & filters through lectures, slide shows & field trips. For the single reflex (SLR) camera, digital or film camera with manual exposure control including shutter speed and aperture adjustments. Not suitable for fully automatic digital cameras. 8 classroom sessions & 2 weekend field trips to be discussed in class.


Explore in greater detail concepts learned in Photography 1. Learn techniques that help generate photographic ideas. Class content focuses on portraiture, landscape, still life, lighting, composition, and creativity. Includes 3 field trips, a comprehensive set of class notes, homework assignments, and critiques. Please bring up to 10 photographic prints for critique to the first class and your camera with instruction manual. Please note: course is best suited for film or digital cameras with manual exposure control and students who have some basic knowledge. 7 classroom sessions and 3 weekend afternoon field trips, dates to be decided in class.

You can register for the course here or call the Continuing Education at 604-323-5322.

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