Photography Clients

“Kurtis was wonderful to work with – he made us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and guided us through the session with prompts and questions to put us at ease. With a couple of location and outfit swaps, we still managed to complete the shoot within an hour – the perfect amount of time!

Thanks again Kurtis for the wonderful photos.”

– Lucy Gregory, Co-Founder, Salt Design Co.

“I don’t really like bringing attention to myself so doing a photoshoot is really out of my comfort zone. I had never done a photoshoot before and was really nervous about being in front of the camera. I expressed this to Kurtis and he promptly put my nerves at ease – he explained to me that this is more of a walk and talk and that he was there to capture my best moments. After receiving the images, I can confidently say that he did!

Kurtis made the photo shoot really fun and I also got the professional results I hoping for. I would recommend Kurtis for anyone one that is looking for a fun, professional, and very much talented photographer.”

– Kelly Sung, Production Assistant, Sony Pictures Imageworks

“I worked with Kurtis on a community arts project. His professionalism, knowledge, and kindness made the community models feel calm and at ease. This resulted in a series of excellent photographs that were exactly what we were hoping for. His professionalism, kindness, and knowledge made him a total joy to work with.”

– Kelsey Blair, Project Manager, BC Council to Reduce Elder Abuse

“Thank you so much for all your assistance today and it was great to meet you. We were stuck and in a bit of a rut as we had all this equipment, terrible photos, and almost 0 time to work with. You saved us!

We are following all the tips you gave us and using the proper settings for the camera. We’ve had great success so far with the photos. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on the thoughtful notes you sent us, we really appreciate that.

We will contact you for future projects.”

Ari Ron, Co-Founder, Bulging Baskets Vancouver

“I’m a busy freelancer who hates the limelight.

This seems like an impossible recipe for a photographer but Kurtis not only made it super easy to book a shoot, he calmed my nerves to really let my best self shine through in photos. He assured me we were just going for a walk to take some shots and nothing was overly serious. This was probably the best thing he could have said. From that moment on it was all conversation and laughs.

Nothing felt forced or contrived; it was just a walk. We even had (if you can believe it) fun! He got me dancing, joking and giving a genuine smile; ultimately leading to beautiful, natural photos of myself that I am excited to share with the world.”

Kristi-Lea Abramson, Founder, Conceptually Speaking

Photography Students

“My husband surprised me with this course as a Christmas gift. I was pleasantly surprised by how challenging and professional the course was. I expected a slow paced tutorial on simply how to use your DSLR. Instead, Kurtis delivered a comprehensive introduction to the wonderful world of photography.

I was really impressed with Kurtis’ ability to explain difficult concepts to an intro class full of students with varying photography backgrounds. He would provide different examples and scenarios if students were still lost and he was always patient, approachable, and professional with his opinions. I appreciated Kurtis’ sense of humor especially with some of the more dry topics. It kept us engaged and awake!

Kurtis’ most valuable asset as an instructor was his insight and experience as a current professional photographer in the industry. He incorporated his knowledge of social media and how the business is changing. Kurtis also shared a lot of his personal testimonies on how he got his start and what he recommended for new photographers who are trying to get their foot in the door.

My biggest takeaway from this course as a true photography beginner is how much work and effort is involved in professional photography. It’s not simply just point, shoot, and forward a client a winzip file. It’s understanding your client’s vision, formulating a plan, and executing. This includes not just on-site hours but the tedious hours afterward when the shoot is over and the editing begins. This class has taught me how photography is an art that requires labor and tears, painstaking attention to detail, and an ability to connect to the clientele. I’m walking away from this course with a newfound respect to photographers everywhere and an appreciation for the industry as a whole. Kurtis’ ability to represent the field in such an honest and passionate way is an asset to the integrity of photography, and will definitely inspire many to join this beautiful art form!

Thank you Kurtis for inspiring me to view life through a whole new lens! (…see what I did there?)”

Gina Chung, Langara CS Photography Student

“I just wanted thank you for a really enjoyable course. I’ve been shooting more seriously for the last couple of years, mostly travel and landscape and decided to finally take a proper course. Your class, curriculum, and positive teaching style and humour made the class fun and such a good learning environment. The varied shooting workshops and assignments were invaluable for me to get out of my comfort zone and old habits.

I’m looking forward to continuing in the Intermediate Digital Photography course in the new year and applying the techniques you’ve taught me. See you around the school.”

Ray Yee, Langara CS Photography Student

“Although raised in the days of film photography I learned new approaches and techniques in the Basic Digital Photography course. Kurtis, who is the course instructor and a working professional photographer, often shared with the students how professional photographers approach any given assignment. Creative imagery is key. Kurtis gave us the basics. In-class exercises and studio sessions impressed the basics into our being. Kurtis made sure all students could complete course assignments and helped anyone who needed it. Completing the course I came away with a new confidence in making digital images. Thank you Kurtis.”

Terry Ko, Langara CS Photography Student

Kurtis was a fantastic teacher who kept the class fun, engaging, and interesting.  His years of professional photography experience and wide knowledge base were so beneficial when I had a technical question about my gear, or about the field of photography and how to be successful in it.

I would highly recommend Kurtis for any regular, or continuing studies student who wants to learn and be challenged, while still feeling supported and able to actually talk to their instructor!  10/10 would recommend!

Nick Hammerschmidt, Langara CS Photography Student

“As someone who has owned a digital SLR for over 12 years I strongly recommend to anyone interested in learning about their DSLR,  that they enroll in the Langara course, and particularly from Kurtis. The course is involved, thorough and gives the willing student a chance to understand the basics of the DSLR and then move beyond– whether one is pursuing a career in photography or simply looking to understand the device –my guess is few people who own DSLR’s realize the capabilities of their camera. Kurtis is passionate about his work, an excellent instructor and very importantly,  Kurtis encourages the student [as I experienced] to ask questions and understand the fundamentals as he helps students push the boundaries of their own creativity. After twelve weeks of instruction, my personal comfort level of the DSLR has vastly expanded!

I have spent a long career in the construction industry, dealing with manufactured products and dealing with presentations and seminars and I was impressed with both Kurtis and the course as a whole.”

Jim Fryeskul, Langara CS Photography Student

“I really enjoyed the Basic Digital Photography Course that Kurtis taught this semester. I found him to be a great instructor; he was engaging and patient with all areas of the curriculum. His feedback was valuable and helpful in improving my efforts. He has a great sense of humour and I found him very accessible to discuss challenges and successes with our work. I can honestly say that my knowledge was negligible when I started and with Kurtis’ guidance I feel much more confident with the camera.”

–  Matthew O’Brien, Lanagara CS Photography Student

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for an enjoyable, informative and valuable semester. Kurtis’ prep and attention to detail were second-to-none and has a great depth to his knowledge. He’s been masterful at managing to blend humor, self-deprecation, and get the point across.

Mark Cannon, Langara RS Photography Student

“I had Kurtis as a photography instructor and his passion for the industry shows in his teachings. He is very engaging and brings lots of life in the classroom setting. Kurtis is very knowledgeable about the industry and is very approachable whenever you have a dying question! I would definitely recommend him as a teacher and as a great resource.”

Christian Clado, Langara CS Photography Student

“I took the Basic Digital Photography course with Kurtis Stewart in September 2017. I came out of the first class feeling already inspired, with a renewed awareness of various light effects, shapes, and composition around me as I drove back from Langara College, and felt encouraged to take my camera and explore new techniques and ideas.

Kurtis’ enthusiasm, positive energy and his sense of humor make his classes very engaging. His teaching style is fast-paced, yet he always encourages questions and takes the time to troubleshoot any technical challenge. I also enjoyed that he starts each class with a series of fresh inspirational photos.

I would be very happy to take any classes he teaches in the future.”

Elise Barraly, Langara CS Photography Student

“I took the Basic Digital Photography course with Kurtis at Langara College – and am extremely glad that I did!

His enthusiasm in delivering the material, his patience in explaining difficult concepts to a class with very varied abilities to grasp them, his willingness to stick around after classroom or studio sessions to answer questions, and his genuine concern in making sure that all of us understood fundamental concepts and built a very strong foundation in digital photography are only a few of attributes that make him a great instructor.

If that wasn’t enough, he organized outdoor photo walks around the city for students on his personal time, featured our work on Langara’s social media platforms, and provided insight on everything from pricing to managing clients to the truth about working as a photographer.

Kurtis clearly went above and beyond what I expected in an instructor – so much so that some of my friends I recommended his course to are currently enrolled in his class as well! Now if he could ONLY teach a few more courses. Thank you for everything Kurtis!”

Karan Mehta, Langara CS Photography Student

Kurtis Stewart teaching Basic Digital Photography at Langara

“I took basic digital photography at Langara with Kurtis Stewart. Being a college level course it was intense and informative. We learned everything from using all the manual functions of our own camera as well as the basics in the taking of great photographs in various styles. Kurtis is a very knowledgeable, caring instructor with a great sense of humor.

Photography is obviously a passion for him which comes through in his teaching as he is willing and able to reword, reteach concepts an individual student may have missed on his original teaching method.

I would recommend to anyone to take this class or any course taught by Kurtis!”

– Ivor Barnbrook, Langara CS Photography Student

“I recently completed the ‘Intro to Digital Photography‘ at Langara with Kurtis and I would highly recommend it. Kurtis was great! He breaks down the concepts in really easy to understand ways and was extremely patient and informative. Most importantly his passion for photography was evident-learning from someone which such enthusiasm makes all the difference. Thanks Kurtis!”

– Erin Chow, Langara CS Photography Student

“I applied to one of Langara’s Basic Digital Photography courses in the summer of 2016 to develop my education in digital photography. I was thrilled to have had Kurtis Stewart as my instructor because he helped flourish my knowledge and understanding of this particular art form, as well as provoked and motivated my passion to create.

Kurtis’ enthusiasm and encouragement matured my appreciation for digital photography and has inspired me to further my education in the culture of photography.”

– Hubi Chow, Langara CS Photography Student

Corporate Training Students

“We were so happy with the workshop Kurtis built for us. Our team really enjoyed his enthusiasm, industry experience, and humour. Kurtis knew exactly how to teach a group of beginners while keeping it fun. Our CEO still references some of the storytelling shot setups that he covered. We’d love to have him back!”

Stephanie Butler, Communications Manager, Real Estate Foundation of BC

“Kurtis Stewart’s Photography course was informative and offered a different perspective on how photography should be approached. With Kurtis’ witty and easeful style of instruction, we were taught fundamentals in composition, visual & design element application that are the key in photo taking. After Kurtis’ class, I felt even more confident in my photo taking ability and I can’t wait to use the tools I learned and apply them toward my own photography.

[a couple weeks later…]

I actually had to do a photoshoot for a Queens University grad ceremony and was able to apply some of the techniques that you showed us. I reviewed my notes before the event. Made me feel more confident on the photoshoot day!

– Laura Comuzzi, Custom Workshop Attendee, BC Nurses’ Union