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Personal – I’m VUL Volunteer of the Year

When I’m not cranking out client work from my laptop, or biking around town, I’m probably playing Ultimate (Frisbee, …not Fighting Championship).

I’ve been playing Ultimate since 2003. I started in Highschool, then played for UBC-B, and then a Men’s competitive touring team. After that, I moved on to coaching Provincial Junior Teams and Highschools. Most recently, I’ve been volunteering my time to mentor teams for the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) who are just getting started/need a little more direction.

As a result, this year, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of two Volunteers of the Year!

<insert cheesey post-award mugshot below>

Nice to get some kudos from the League + $100 gift card to Rackets & Runners! You can see the full article on the VUL site here.

Teaching – Langara Professional Photography Program


I finally did it.

This semester, I was hired to teach for Langara’s Professional Photography Program (the daytime program). Specifically, I’ve been teaching Technical Photography 1 and Photographic Industry Topics.

I’ve been teaching for the Langara Continuing Studies Department (evening classes) for a couple years but this new position involves teaching for the photography program I attended back in 2007. I have been wanting to teach for the program ever since I graduated so it’s nice that the “10 year overnight success” mentality has finally come to fruition.

The first week of classes, I did some portrait of all the students by just running through a whole bunch of random questions to get some candid reactions you can enjoy below.

Langara Professional Photography Class of 2019




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Portrait – Courtney McGillion


Sometimes all it takes is one photo.

Courtney was starting to send out applications for Masters programs and wanted to polish her online presence. No sense in having a jaw-dropping resume if a LinkedIn search has you not looking your best (<squints>…I’m looking at you vacation photo people).

Her reaction upon getting the photo;

What is this? A photo of myself that’s not a selfie?! And doesn’t have kids in it? 🙂


Thank you so much, again!

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